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welcome to CANDYLAND COUTURE, the sweetest resource site around! we are a coding, graphics and writing community which features unique events, challenges and an all round sense on community. with special challenges and an adventure at every turn, enjoy battling your way through candyland and why not jump in and TAKE A BITE!
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 Imma Literal Dragon;;;;, and i have many kittens
21 posts
alias Anthony pro. he/him or ze/hircoding graphics writing beginner
Ayyy. I'm Ant/Raven. I'm a dragon, though sometimes I moonlight as a unicorn.

Harry Potter, Warrior cats, Stranger Things, MCU, Series of Unfortunate Events, Illuminae, Narnia, Angel Beats, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, John Dies at the End, Riverdale, Red vs Blue.

I'm employed as a software tester, live in the USA, I'm pansexual & gender-fluid, and enjoy writing (poetry and role playing). My family fosters kittens, which means we always have smol kitties. I love to talk to people, but I'm very easily distracted. I'm working on my first novel idea (v slowly, albeit). On the Wide Web, I am commonly known as PrinceRaven. I write OCs only.

user posted image
3433 posts
alias Aislinn pro. she/hercoding graphics Intermediate writing Expert
    hey, ant/raven! watch me probably use those interchangeably i'm aislinn, one of the admins here on candyland! so excited to have another writer joining us, because that's mostly the area where i fall in the graphics/coding/writing trifecta. poetry is also definitely my fave thing to write & makes up the majority of my gallery. we have some fandoms in common too!! harry potter is one of my top fandoms, but i love riverdale, mcu, & narnia as well. and stranger things is at the top of my must-watch list because i'm 99% sure i'll love it based on what i've heard about it!

    please feel free to reach out via pm or on discord if you have any questions or would just like to chat! c:


hiiii i'm aislinn, one of the admins aka pink ladies of this sweet resource site! i am bts trash and nam-joon is my ultimate bias. i mostly write, but i try to dabble in graphics (and hopefully coding soon) when i can! i lead the advertising team, but i can answer questions about anything concerning the site! i also love meeting new people, so also feel free to send me a message just to chat! you're also welcome to hit me up on discord (aislinn ~#6354). sig by Hayley (Deadpool.), sig code by sylvia, & gifs found via tumblr. xoxo
773 posts
alias JADE pro. she/hercoding Unranked graphics Advanced writing Expert
Needs Kittens Please

Hey, Raven!!! Welcome to Candyland, we can definitely use a few more mythical creatures around here. I personally identify as a phoenix.

I'm Jade---one of the writing and challenge moderators on the site. So, I am super excited to have a new writer join the community. I share your love of Harry Potter--It was my first introduction to fanfiction/roleplaying many many years ago. I'm in software as well--I lead a web development team.

ALSO, I NEED PICTURES OF SMOL KITTENS! That is excited squee-ing caps, not aggressive yelling caps...unless the latter will guarantee pictures, and in that case, I'm very mean and rawr lol

I, also, got unreasonably excited to see you list John Dies at the End as a fandom favorite. I absolutely love everything David Wong has written. Have you read his books or just seen the film? If you haven't read it, I'm a really big fan of This Book is Full of Spiders. Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits is hilarious, too. He's just a super talented author.

Can't wait to read some of your OCs!!! Hope you post some bios and a writing gallery with us soon!!!

user posted image
adorable set by the super talented hayley

65 posts
alias atlas pro. anycoding graphics writing
hey ant and welcome to candyland! i really like your avatar/signature and how minimalist they are, honestly. it's also so nice to see someone who is into poetry as it is one of the few things i have been trying to get into myself! i am looking forward to seeing your writing around and don't hesitate to hit me up if you ever feel like sharing a piece tbh.
117 posts
alias renny pro. she/hercoding graphics writing
hi there raven! welcome to cc ~ i'm renny, one of the community mods here! we definitely share a few things in common (like loving harry potter, unfortunate events, etc) so, that's pretty awesome! i can't wait to see what you create! if you ever need anything or want to squeal some fandom love, please don't hesitate to reach out! c:

user posted image
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
1866 posts
alias Kellie pro. She/Hercoding graphics writing Intermediate
hey there ant and welcome to candyland! it's so great to have you here with us! we're into some of the same fandoms because i also love harry potter, stranger things, asoue, and legend of zelda! omg pls pls PLS post all the pics of the kittens you foster, i will DIE. i love cats LOL

i hope you're liking it here so far. if you need anything at all, feel free to send me a pm!

user posted image

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
21 posts
alias Anthony pro. he/him or ze/hircoding graphics writing beginner
heehee, I am still getting used to this site and did not see the alerts that I specifically got for this thread intentionally. *wipes away tear* I'll get there. Bless you all~

@aislinn aaaaa yas. I've been on a few resource sites and haven't found any others that do writing challenges that are any good! I'm loving this site so far, and I've popped around the discord a lil bit. Do feel free to use my names interchangably, I sure do. Definitely check out Stranger Things, it's super duper good!!

@BellatrixBlack. Pictures will be incoming to your discord imminently. I read the book, and I loved Spiders! I haven't actually seen the movie, because after reading the book,,, I fear that either the movie will not live up to my expectations and will be a let down, or it will prevent me from being able to sleep! xD I haven't yet read Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits (I bought it the other day though! So when I get some time for reading, I Come For It.)
I definitely plan on posting a gallery at some point. I sat down to code one,,, and instead I coded a thing for the poem I'm writing for one of the challenges. Whoops. I will definitely try to post up some bios soon though! Been very involved with getting applications ready for an event that's going on on the site I'm a part of, so I have not been as focused as I had hoped to be ahaha.

@Atlas- thank you!!! The quotes are from Illuminae, as said by AIDAN. My friend Webs (who also recently joined CC) made it for me! If you would like to talk about or get or offer suggestions for poetry or slam poetry, totally hit me up. I have a whole youtube playlist full of my favorite slam poems. I got u.

@alaskayoung thank you so much! it's wonderful to be here and I really look forward to getting to know everybody. <3

@michaelscott eee, yesss. Kittens incoming!!! (Only a few on the forum though because I don't want to overdo it)

This is Tiny, she's the runt of the first litter my mom ever fostered. We still have her and her sister.
user posted image

These darlings are Raptor and Mama Kitty, my kitties. Raptor is the brown and white one, she is the sister of Tiny. Mama Kitty is a flame point siamese mix, she's also 15 years old and diabetic. She's the cuddliest cat ever.
user posted image

This is Raptor, Tiny, and their sister Dust (who got adopted happily by an adorable family with a 3 year old) when they were just a few weeks old.
user posted image

this is one of the more recent fosters, called Milo, who just got adopted recently along with his nearly identical brother Otis
user posted image

also I only managed to actually tag 1 of you. alas

user posted image
773 posts
alias JADE pro. she/hercoding Unranked graphics Advanced writing Expert
There is SO much preciousness in this thread now.... I am very much a fan of you <3 <3 <3

user posted image
adorable set by the super talented hayley

58 posts
alias Stella pro. She/Hercoding unranked graphics unranked writing unranked
hey ant! welcome to cc! i'm stella and i'm one of the writing mods around here! i see that you've already gotten into some of our writing challenges and i'm super excited to see that! <3 i'm also in love with your kittens and it really makes me want one of my own. if you ever wanna scream about any of your fandoms either, i share most of them too so feel free to hit me up for that or any other questions you might have!
569 posts
alias Rach pro. womancoding Intermediate graphics Intermediate writing
Welcome to Candyland the sweetest place around!

I'm new to the awards team but if you need help, tag me and I will try to point you in the right direction if I can't help you myself xD

Love all the kitties, I like cats (has a dog) but cat's dislike me lol.

I also enjoy Riverdale and Stranger Things, the rest of your fandoms up there I haven't seen or aren't into. Which is weird for me to say because I literally watch everything, i'm a tv binge watcher for sure.

Anywho, cya around the forum

I'm not open to requests at this time, but i may fill one or two here n there, find my stuff n thangs below!
86 posts
alias Cassie pro. she/hercoding graphics writing
hey ant!! welcome to candyland! i am cassie and i am one of the advertising mods. not entirely sure if you do the same thing that my husband does but he is a software analysts and basically QAs phone apps and some websites for different companies.

i like a few of the same fandoms as you -- stranger things, harry potter, mcu and riverdale <3 all of those are so fantastic. my fave is probably riverdale atm and i am considering doing a rewatch soon.

all of your kitties are adorable! i have one named nacho that lives with my mom (our apartment doesn't allow pets) whose super adorable.

if you ever need anything or want to talk any of those fandoms, feel free to message me <3

crying in the club

work is a tad bit crazy right now but i will be on as much as i can be. you can pm me if you need me! forever going to be in love with camila cabello! also really into shawn mendes, riverdale, degrassi: the next generation and veronica mars.

2232 posts
alias Liv pro. she/hercoding expert graphics writing candylander
Welcome to Candyland Ant! Apologies for the somewhat delayed welcome but! Anyway, I'm Liv one of your head mods, and if you ever need anything feel free to PM me or shoot me a DM on Discord <3

Honestly I'm so jealous that you foster cats, all animals are great but SMOL ANIMALS ARE EVEN CUTER and I'm absolutely dying at all your cat pics they are adorable!!! <3 Also you've got a good choice of fandoms there, Harry Potter especially!

By this point, I've already checked out your writing gallery tbh and I've loved everything in there so far, so I can't wait to see what else you give us <3

22 - gmt
head mod


hey i'm liv, one of your head mods! (and coding mod) dm me if you need anything, except coding support, please post that in the coding support forum! cw
discord: liv#1000

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