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welcome to CANDYLAND COUTURE, the sweetest resource site around! we are a coding, graphics and writing community which features unique events, challenges and an all round sense on community. with special challenges and an adventure at every turn, enjoy battling your way through candyland and why not jump in and TAKE A BITE!
thank yous are needed for the following people: essi for the skin and templates, sylvia for the amazing profile, adra for our lovely member group pips, chowder for those awesome cbox/site emojis and saturnthms for all font icons.

the site concept is credited to alice and our past and present staff members, who have all worked tirelessly to make candyland couture what it is today. without them there would be no candyland couture and we are grateful for their dedication to the site. stealing or bullying of any kind is not tolerated on cc, it will be dealt with accordingly.

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 Site Rules, Please follow these
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the site rules
the laws of the (candy)land

According to the rules of Candyland’s forum host, you must be THIRTEEN YEARS OF AGE or older to register for an account. As a result, all members of Candyland Couture must meet this minimum age requirement. If it is discovered that you are younger than the above stated age, your account will be deactivated. With that being said, we are a resource site that is open to members of all ages above thirteen. This opens up the possibility for there to be mature content or discussions around the site. As many of you know, Candyland Couture is now a PREMIUM JCINK SITE and as such we do allow mature content. All mature content posted, however, including comments, chat discussions, etc. must be labelled with an [M] to warn our younger members. We still will not allow nudity and/or sexual images on the site, however this is allowed in ADVERTISEMENTS, so long as it is labelled as a mature site. Any writing submissions must continue to be labeled with a rating and/or trigger warning if "sensitive themes" are involved. For more information, please read the Gallery Guidelines which can be found in the "Candyland" Forum of each Gallery Board.

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to have MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! Sometimes, people create multiple accounts in order to have multiple staff searches, requests, challenge entries, or even secret identities. No matter what the reason is, just don’t do it. If we suspect you of having multiple accounts, we’ll look into it. Remember…we can see each IP address you use to log in; we’ll catch you.

As with every other resource site on the internet, THEFT is an extremely serious offense. If you are caught stealing another person’s work, you will find yourself facing severe punishment. On Candyland, we deal with each offense as an individual case. However, no matter the issue, if stealing is involved, you run the risk of being banned from the forum indefinitely. If you suspect someone of stealing someone else’s work, please contact a member of the Head Staff Team (Administrators and Head Moderators) immediately with the suspected person’s username, the stolen work, the original work, the victim’s username (if a member on Candyland), and any other evidence (such as screenshots) you might have that we can look over. If a person withholds information or ignores the evidence of stealing (whether they were involved or not), they will be treated as an accomplice and receive punishment accordingly.

We take MEMBER DISPUTES, DRAMA, AND SECURITY ISSUES very seriously here on Candyland Couture. Helping you with your problems is what we, as staff, are here for. However, our responsibilities in that department only extend so far. If you have an issue with another member of Candyland that is related to or has a direct effect on the site, that is something we will gladly handle. Anything beyond that (other sites, especially ones not affiliated with Candyland) is beyond our jurisdiction. We ask that, rather than causing a fuss, you approach a Head Staff Team Member about the problem immediately to avoid conflict. We will take care of the problem as best as we can.

All security issues are to be handled only through private message. Failure to do so will result in a warning, and the revoking of certain privileges. Evidence of sharing information regarding security issues here will result in an automatic ban from the forum, as these are very case sensitive. Under no circumstances is it okay to take a fight to PM. We will know if you attack another member through the personal message system, and you will be punished accordingly. Remember that it is not your right to be a part of this forum – it is a privilege, one that we can take away. To read more about the levels of offenses on the site and punishments that go with them, please go HERE.

Unlike other resource sites, we possess the right to DENY ACCOUNT DELETION. Should you wish to leave the site, your content shall be archived to a separate forum that only the Administrators can see and/or access, and you hold the power to turn off the email notifications from the site. Many people ask why we do not grant requests to delete accounts. The answer is simple – security issues. If there were to be a future security issue that involved a member that left the site, we would need to access any information that we could, and if we had deleted that information, we would lose possible evidence. The only reason why we will delete an account is if the issue involves Multiple Accounts or an inappropriate account name with no response from the owner.

One of the most common issues on the Internet is CREDITING, INSPIRATION, AND COMMON TERMS. All credits should be given where they can be in order to prevent the possibility of theft claims. However, credit is not always needed in certain circumstances. Some coding and/or graphics can look similar to something, but be created entirely from scratch by the creator with inspiration taken to create the final product. In these cases, an inspiration credit is needed to avoid theft claims. Credit is also not needed when involving common terms and/or basic coding. No site has the right to claim a specific term and/or word that can be found in the dictionary as their own. No person has the right to claim basic structural coding as their own, as all coding stems from the same rudimentary arrangement.

We allow both signatures and avatars here on Candyland Couture. ALL AVATARS MUST BE 200x300 PIXELS IN SIZE. If you use a smaller image, you are able to change the size via your control panel. Your signatures can be both coding and/or graphics, but you CANNOT stretch the board. While we do not have a set height, we do not expect signature heights to extend past 500 PIXELS. Some acceptable signature examples can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE. If your signature affects the board in any way or violates these rules, you will be contacted to fix it immediately. If you don’t fix it within the given time frame, your signature content will be removed. This goes for both graphics that are too big, and wonky coding. Please ensure that you test all coding before installing it in your signature, otherwise you could affect the coding of the board. And it also goes without saying, if your avatar and/or signature were made by someone else, CREDIT them!

DOHTML IS ENABLED everywhere for members to use. With that being said, we ask a couple of things of those of you that will use it. For starters, make sure the coding is done correctly! Bad or unfinished coding can completely screw with the site and mess with the coding of the skin itself. Be sure to close all divs, tables, and tags to prevent this risk. Coding is sensitive! Secondly, no code should ever stretch the board. If it does, you will be asked to downsize it or remove the code completely. As usual, failure to do so will result in the code being archived. Remember we are trusting you with DoHTML. Not every site allows DoHTML in every forum as we do, and we are expecting you to be responsible in ensuring that your coding is closed properly.

We do not allow DIRECT MESSAGE REQUESTS OR HELP here on Candyland Couture. Often, some people may go on absences or not accept requests, and those who are in high demand do not appreciate being hounded through the personal message system, discord, skype, and other social media platforms to make something for someone or lend a hand in helping. All Requests and Help are to be placed in their respective Forums ON-SITE. If you wish for a particular member to take your request, you may tag them in the topic description of your request, but THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE IT. The same goes when asking for help. However, with regards to help, if someone has invited you to PM them for further assistance, you may do so, but only if they have offered. If not, please do not message them. If there is evidence of someone harassing another member through the personal message system on-site, discord, skype, etc. to obtain graphics and/or coding or assistance, that person will be reprimanded.

Although this is a Jcink forum that possesses a feature allowing you to request a name change through your control panel, we do not use it. All NAME CHANGES are to be requested through the moderation board located HERE. This policy is in effect so that we can log what names change to as well as when people request name changes, as we only allow them ONCE A MONTH to reduce confusion.

As a member, we expect you to read our various guidelines and/or requirements for services or features around the site. There will be no excuses if a problem arises of a rule being broken, as you agreed to our rules the moment you pressed ‘Register’ on the site. Familiarize yourself with our rules or run the risk of appearing ignorant and face possible repercussions. We take our rules seriously here – we DO enforce them, no matter how harsh or unfeeling we appear. The rules/guidelines we expect you to read are linked as follows – CHATBOX ETIQUETTE and ADVERTISING GUIDELINES. To read about Gallery Guidelines, please go to the 'CANDYLANDER' board of the gallery type in question before posting your gallery. To read about our Challenge Guidelines, please go to the Challenge Board for the type of challenge you wish to enter. To read about our Writing Submission Guidelines, please go to the Writing Library. To read the Request Guidelines, please go to the appropriate Request Board. All of the above-mentioned guidelines/rules are considered the most important on the site. Please read over any other guidelines and/or forms for other features as needed.

Do not post NEGATIVE COMMENTS REGARDING OUR RULES AND POLICIES. Candyland is a separate community that stands apart from other resource communities and our policies are our own. We expect all members to abide by them and we will enforce them, whether or not they are similar, different, or not enforced on other sites. If you have a severe issue or concern about one of our policies, please refrain from posting in the chatbox or in a thread on the site about it. Instead, we ask that you please contact an Administrator directly to discuss the issue.

For our final rule, JUST HAVE FUN. Candyland Couture takes pride in being one of the most open, friendly resource sites still open. Several member testimonials over months of our activity have shown that we provide a welcoming environment for members of all types and skill levels and we love that about the site. Do not destroy that peace. Remember that we are a FREE RESOURCE SITE that provides free services to you – with a staff team that volunteers their time to ensure that these services are available to you. Remember that we are also hosted by Jcink Resource Forums, a company that provides a free service to those who use it. Respect the staff team, Jcink, and the members. If you decide to spread slander, bash any of the above, or give attitude, steps will be taken in terms of penance. We are here for YOU – don’t jeopardize that. With all that being addressed – relax, sit back, and have fun in Candyland!

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the wrong alice ?!
You're absolutely Alice,             I'd know you anywhere.

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